Questions people ask sometimes...

Q. What are your products made of?

A. Our children's fire hat is made of sugarcane pulp and paper.


Q. What age are your products designed for?

A. Our current products are designed for a range of preschool and early elementary school age children.  We're committed to making a big impact in the costume market.  As our product line grows, we'll likely expand those age ranges.


Q. Where are your products made?

A. Our hat base is pressed overseas by a manufacturer that was willing to try something new... a costume hat made from molded pulp!  We partner with a US company to manage our freight.  Product warehousing and assembly is managed in San Diego County.  A domestic company assists with our product safety testing.  Labels and other sticker type items, along with any product packaging, are provided by companies based in the USA.


Q.  I'd like custom artwork (like a custom shield on a fire hat).  Can I get that?

A.  Yes.  Custom shields are available for our child fire hats.  As these generate setup and other charges by our printer, minimum orders are required.  Sample fronts can be seen here.  You can also contact us for more information.


Q. Are your products tested for safety?

A. Yes.  Better Choice Costumes uses third party laboratories to test its products inline with applicable US Consumer Product Safety regulations.  This is done to ensure they meet appropriate safety standards.  Copies of resulting child product safety certificates are available upon request.


Q.  I'm not with a government agency or non-profit.  Can I still get your products?

A.  Yes.  We're working hard to help government and non-profit agencies make a challenging impact on their plastic footprint.  Our Children's Fire Hats are also available in smaller quantities here on Amazon